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How to attract more homebuyers with blogging

  Writing blogs is a great way to generate organic real estate traffic to your website. Content is king when writing for a blog.  When writing a blog for homebuyer traffic it is important to think outside the box and

Buyers are what we make from them

Real estate leads are not too different from wheat. We can make a lot of things out of wheat, some are better than others and it all depends on the person who has the wheat. If we give wheat to

Full Service Foolishness

Once in band camp…no that is a different story. Moving from real estate lead to closed real estate transaction can require us to do a lot of things we wouldn’t ordinarily do. We are all caregivers but when we take

How far do we have to go to please a client?

Real estate leads become clients and clients can become friends and when a friend asks us for something we can feel more obligated than when a business acquaintance asks us for the same thing. In our jobs as real estate

Email a client and we are Spam

Real estate leads are often emailed by agents that think they are doing the best thing because “everyone has email” which is mostly true but some people don’t live by the moment on their email and timing is everything in

Being the Real Estate Agent that You would want to work with

Which real estate agent would we like to work with if we were an online real estate lead? Would we want to work with the person that texts us a message and follows that text up with an email? Some

Copycats Follow and Big Cats Stray

It is rare that during any mob thinking that all the mob benefits from the collective thinking. From the tulips to the California gold rush and the dotcom bubble when the mob travels in one direction the people that benefit

45% of Buyers Use Open Houses as Key Part of Home Search

According to the 2013 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 45 percent of buyers used open houses as a key part of their home search. Facts from the NAR surveys to home buyers say almost half

Free leads “Legacy Leads”

That is right. Legacy leads can be unlocked at no charge. They are absolutely free and you are welcome to select them every day. People ask us why we are providing legacy leads and what is the point of giving

Qazzoo Complaints Regarding Social Media Part III

It is not always technology that leaves real estate professionals and small business owners scratching their heads and asking “What am I missing? Why don’t I get it? What am I doing wrong?” it is what the technology offers or