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How To Connect With Millennials

The best way to connect with a client will always vary based on their preferences. But for those seasoned agents working to appeal to a millennial client, a lot can get lost in the age gap. Below are a handful

Real Estate Agents Top Priority – Email Marketing

Email is easily the most ubiquitous digital communication technology. Ninety-five percent of online consumers have at least one email address and most check their email every day. If you are not incorporating this valuable tool into your real estate marketing,

How To Attract Millennials, Both Agents And Customers

Millennials—people born in the 1980s to 1990s, and currently in their 20s—are now coming into their own. According to CNN, this generation has just surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest, and most diverse, generation in the country. Accordingly, they will

Millennials and Trust, Convenience and Expertise

There is a shift in the way consumers make purchasing decisions. The National Association of REALTORS® reports the number one way a consumer chooses their real estate agent is based on referral. However, most millennials will solicit several referrals before

Low Maintenance Features Millennial Buyers Will Love!

The low-maintenance movement has taken hold across generations of homeowners. For millennials—the leading segment of homebuyers—the lower, the better. So summarized by Jill Waage, editorial director of home content for Better Homes and Gardens: “They want to use their brains

Tips for maintaining the relationship long after the sale

Personalize To Be Recognized When you’re helping a buyer or renter locate their ideal property, it’s critical to find out as much as you can about the tenants themselves. Why exactly do they want a townhouse in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn?

Finding the best real estate agent – Part VI

Finding the best real estate agent to work with when buying a foreclosure is one of those situations that requires an experienced hand to maximize the options that are available. Foreclosures are an interesting little sliver of the real estate market.

Finding the best real estate agent – Part V

Finding the best real estate agent when buying an Investment home. Identifying and Finding the best real estate agent when working with investment or foreclosure homes is different than any other type of real estate. Where in other types of real

Finding the best real estate agent – Part IV

Finding the best real estate agent if the buyer is selling or buying a waterfront home could be the agent that has lived or currently lives on the same or a near by body of water. Living on the water provides

Finding the best real estate agent – Part III

Finding the best real estate agent could mean that the real estate agent has a particular focus. As an example the best real estate agent when looking to purchase in a well defined community or neighborhood may mean that the agent