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Qazzoo Improving our Game

It isn’t hard to get trapped in the same old same old. All we have to do is the same things that we are comfortable with and within 21 days we have a habit that is hard to break out

Qazzoo Social Media Is Improving

Instead of news feed’s that mean little to us and pop up ads that mean little to anyone, Qazzoo has created a platform where people who want to accomplish a goal can meet in order to help each other achieve

Qazzoo on Microwaves and the Downfall of Society

Let the technology lead the way and we will all fall prey to the Roman empires decline. What did the Roman’s do? They created indoor bathrooms that made going to the bathroom a lot more convenient. This was similar to

By Referral only or generating your own Real Estate Leads…doing the math

We as real estate professionals have been taught from the beginning to work by referral. Why you may ask? Then again you may not have but I am going to ramble on about it anyway. Many Real Estate firms work