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Looking for Real Estate Leads in all the wrong places

I was recently on the phone with a client that had nothing nice to say about any real estate lead generation website. In full disclosure he was happy with Qazzoo but still needed to rant about the treatment and service

Buying Real Estate in 2013 Part I – Real Estate Auctions

One way to find home buyers is to look on Qazzoo and bypass all of the advertising and get right to what you want which is people that want to buy homes in your area. Add your Zip code to

The First Month of 2013

The first month of the year is always my favorite indicator of the next eleven months that follow the cold but foretelling month of January. In years past I have been able to predict the year after just the first

Top three ways of generating Real Estate Leads or Mortgage Leads Part 3

Coordinate online and offline advertising and generate more Real Estate Leads or mortgage Leads. Too often we find ourselves jumping from one to another method of generating Real Estate Leads or Mortgage Leads. This is mainly due to the fact that

Dude where’s my Real Estate lead?

I may not be Aston Kutcher but I get asked this question at least 200 times a day. As a marketing specialist in the Real Estate industry I answer to so many people that it makes my head spin. “Dude

Real Estate Leads on Google skyrocket

A recent article published by the New York Times speaks to the issues that now affect the ability to use Google as a marketing tool for local businesses. The article titled “Small Players Seek an Alternative to the Expense of