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Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns (about the economy) Part I

As voiced by the thousands of home buyers that the social media and marketing teams at Qazzoo reach everyday there are several complaints that they constantly are approached with and concerns that are the underpinnings of the complaints. The complaints

Marketing with YouTube? Part II

YouTube…isn’t as hard to crack as Google but it’s still a challenge to see some positive results. A few weeks back I published a post about the efforts of marketing with YouTube, if you haven’t read it CLICK HERE to

Farewell Summertime Blues

Summer is officially here in full force, I don’t know about where all you readers are from, but I am from Severna Park, MD, and live in Annapolis, MD. If you are familiar with the area you understand how terrible

Marketing with YouTube? Part I

Many people would say why in the world would I ever try YouTube for marketing when I’m in the Real Estate Industry? Well let me just tell you that over the past few weeks I have taken it as a

Who’s Fault Is It Anyway?

Where do you place the blame when things start going wrong in your business? Do you blame that new intern that just got hired a week ago, the receptionist, the person who should have retired a few years ago, Well

First Day of Summer

Well June 21st, 2013 has officially kicked off the start of Summer, and with that means all those people who were dragging their feet through the spring are going to be kicking it into gear to list, sell, and buy

Money Vampires are out to get us all…

Well it’s been almost two months since my last post, I know you all missed me dearly, but unfortunately I have been busy doing other things. Google has once again thrown me a curve ball by changing up the Google

150 Real Estate Leads for $99

Sounds to good to be true…but guess what it is….true. With the new system of generating real estate leads via social media. Qazzoo is able to pass the savings of more old school real estate lead gen platforms to the

The times they are a changin in Real Estate

It used to be as a real estate professional all you had to do to get a few more clients was take out an ad in the paper or place a few signs around town, now days you are doing

Buying Real Estate in 2013 Part II – Real Estate Auctions

Remember when looking for real estate leads to sell your house that Qazzoo is the largest online community of real estate buyers and sellers. Perform a quick search above and find over a million home buyers across the country and