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How to Find Homebuyers Online Part I

If you are looking for how to find homebuyers you are in the best spot in the world. Above this post is a search window. Add your zip, county or city in the window and hit “Go”. You will find

Is Advertising a scam and have we just got used to it?

Raise your hand at a dog in the pound and see what it does. I bet it shrinks from the possibility of being hit and whines. Why does it do this? You haven’t hit it….hell you have no intention of

Why hasn’t anyone built a Qazzoo before?

I think it all goes back to the newspaper. If you haven’t read my rantings about the newspaper before I generally blast them for not taking greater advantage of the internet 10 years ago. But the internet did its own

Real Estate and The Worlds Smallest Violin

I remember the movie Reservoir Dogs, which I believe was one of Quentin Tarantino’s  first films. I love his action/demented dialogue/artistic style but one scene sticks out above all others in the movie. It was the diner scene when Mr. Pink

Real Estate leads to a more hopeful Thanksgiving

The Guy Fieri Effect So as we continue to generate and provide real estate leads to thousands of real estate professionals across the country Thanksgiving approaches and things start to slow up as the world gets ready to do some