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Tips to following up with Real Estate Leads Part I

“Why do Real Estate leads require more follow-up now than ever before?” This is one of those unasked questions that we all wonder about but we don’t address. We instead assume the leads were poor or the lead source was

Real Estate Leads to a Bright Summer

If your winter was like most Real Estate professionals it was not the best time to enjoy the free time we normally get while the real estate market and the real estate leads themselves come to slower pace. Then we

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights!

Bob Marley said it best, although I don’t believe he ever meant it to be used in this way. The way I am referring to is for YOU, the real estate professional, who needs more homebuyers and home sellers, to

The Secret of the best Real Estate Agents?

In my long career in Real Estate the best agents I ever knew were the ones that did one thing better than anyone else. What they did wasn’t hard, they were just consistent with it. They didn’t have to learn all of the nuances