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Qazzoo and getting more Real Estate Leads

All we need is “More”…The following is a true story and can be compared to real estate leads and what we all really want as well as how to get it. During a Christmas morning a little girl opens another

U.S. Waterfront Home Values Twice as High as Overall Home Values

Nationwide, the typical oceanfront or lakefront, single-family home is worth more than double the median value of all homes, and in some communities the median waterfront house could be worth ten or more times the median value of non-waterfront houses.

The ABCs Of Lead Management

Most agents tell me that their most urgent business concern is the need for more leads. With all the incredible lead generation sources both online and offline, I simply don’t buy it. Our coaches are taught to lead each session

Qazzoo Breaks All The Rules…And Loves It!

No more what? No more geographic restrictions? No more bogus leads? No more long-term contracts? No more leads shoved into our email box that we know nothing about? How can this be? These are long-standing rules regarding how we do

Qazzoo on Keep The Wheel Turning

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to allow the wheel to continue turning. By contrast the worst possible thing we can do is to allow the wheel to stop. Picture a large millstone that turns and creates

When we need leads we are too late!

When we need leads it is because we need business. We need business only when we don’t have any or not enough anyway. That is too late to start generating leads as it takes a lead 45 to 60 days

Qazzoo “Where The Boys Are”

Qazzoo has Spotify playing pretty much 24 hours a day. Yesterday a song played that was a big hit decades ago called “Where the Boys Are” which was funny because we that is exactly what our users feel about Qazzoo.

What can we do with bad leads?

The first thing is that there is no such thing as a bad lead. Bad leads don’t exist. If there is a phone number or even an email address there is a possibility of selling them a home. We just

Qazzoo on Microwaves and the Downfall of Society

Let the technology lead the way and we will all fall prey to the Roman empires decline. What did the Roman’s do? They created indoor bathrooms that made going to the bathroom a lot more convenient. This was similar to

3 Simple Steps to Better Follow Up

It is really easy to do this but no one does it. So if we do? We will set ourselves apart from all the other professionals in the market who friend or foe they are our competition. Create three stacks