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5 Ways To Relieve Stress

There’s no question the real estate business can be pretty trying at times. When you work in a field with this much competition, a fluctuating housing market and an income that can vary from month-to-month, it can take its toll

It’s Critical To Be All In

As leaders, we expect our teams to buy into the vision and goals we’ve set for our business. We want them to not only commit to their roles, but also commit to improving themselves and the company, as well. But

Qazzoo Reviews the Connection between Employment and Housing Bubbles

The simple rule of thumb is that when unemployment gets higher than eight percent the market is headed for a fall or is already falling. When unemployment is below five percent the economy is stable and the first time home

Qazzoo Reviews Best Places To Live

The cities that find their way to the top of the lists that are created by periodicals is most often presented by the taste and lifestyle of the people working at the generator of the list rather than the feelings

Picking the Right Real Estate Lead Platform

It all depends on the individual. If the real estate agent wants to received blind leads that only have a phone number and maybe an email address, than passive advertising methods offered by sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com may

Qazzoo Finding the Best Leads

Out the front and in the back the leads come in to sites that generate leads the old fashioned way. They promise the user a chance to look at some homes that no one else has and then require a

Comparing online real estate leads to walk-ins

Some would think that there is more difference than there actually is. Qazzoo has been on both sides of the equation and feel very strongly that the more similar we treat the two types of leads the better off everyone

Qazzoo Referral Real Estate Leads Part 3

The early bird doesn’t get the worm as often as the consistent bird. The consistent bird is the one that stays on the case and is not determined to be right. Being right may make some people happy but it

Qazzoo Referral Real Estate Leads Part 1

Anyone that has been in real estate for a period of time has run up against the notion that some people work by referral only. Some of them actually have that written on their cards. This is interesting because if

Being the Real Estate Agent that You would want to work with

Which real estate agent would we like to work with if we were an online real estate lead? Would we want to work with the person that texts us a message and follows that text up with an email? Some