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What You Need To Know When Buying After A Divorce

When divorce turns a person’s life upside down, one of the biggest challenges is housing – specifically, finding a new place to live, and deciding whether to buy and how much to spend. During that tumultuous time, real estate professionals

3 Easy Ways to Double Your Sales in 2014 – Part II

Once…I Got Screwed.   I say “got screwed” because I was actually pretty good at buying and selling homes but I wasn’t very good at not getting ripped off by the lawyers that were holding my money. It was the winter of 1994

Are buyers liars or are we expecting too much from them?

As a real estate agent for over a decade and another dozen plus years of online real estate experience I can speak from my own experience and say “It’s a little bit of both” Buyers are people and people will

Making Yourself Indispensable to Your Real Estate leads Part I

We so often think that houses sell or mortgages are agreed on by real estate leads which makes them into actual clients. This is the trap that we fall into way too often. People don’t buy houses, they buy homes;