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Real Estate Term of the Day – Recapture Lease

A recapture clause is defined as a lease provision that allows the landlord to terminate a lease and retain possession of a property. This type of clause is very common in commercial real estate deals. The details of the clause

Financial Differences between Short and Long Term Rentals III

Doing a cash flow analysis for a short term rental is not the same as doing the same exercise for a long term rental. In the long term analysis there are no financial line items for linens and silverware and

Financial Differences between Short and Long Term Rentals II

A home in rural Kentucky is less likely to be a good idea for short term as the amount of travel to that destination is a major component to creating a great short term rental proposition. Short term rentals are

Qazzoo On How To Correct A Hostile Tenant Situation

As we go about our chosen path we may become a landlord from time to time. And from time to time a tenant can become difficult to work with. They may even take out their issues with their job or

Qazzoo Reveals How To Always Get Paid By a Tenant II

As property owners sometimes we rent out homes that we own. Or as an agent we may work as property manager for some or all of our clients. This can be as hard as we make it or it can

Qazzoo Reveals How To Always Get Paid By a Tenant I

The first thing to do is to recognize that if the relationship starts out rocky it will probably not turn around. At Qazzoo we don’t generally work with rentals but we do work with people who work with their own

Will the election lead real estate out of the mess or deeper in?

I for one never try to mix politics with my occupation. Online Real Estate and Real Estate leads are all I am supposed to focus on, but with the election only a couple of days away I am forced to

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