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Qazzoo and Robert Kiyosaki

We recently were doing some research on one of our favorite authors, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, of such well-known books as Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Cash Flow Quadrant and many others. He is a native of the state of Hawaii

Internet Anonymity Trumps Common Sense

What did our mothers tell us? “If you have nothing nice to say about someone…go online and spout your crazy” No that wasn’t it…was it? The phone has always made some people more outspoken than they might have been in

Friend a Client on Facebook

Do’s: Check your privacy settings each day…every hour as Facebook is now famous for several episodes of security settings being changed without the user knowing. Do we really want people we are trying to do business with seeing everything we

Qazzoo Reviews Muckrakers and Scumbaggers

Muckrakers were huge in their time and we now have a similar type of reporting on the topics of our days. The topic is the internet itself and the lack of trust that comes with people working in a virtual

Merry Christmas from Qazzoo

Christmas is upon us and we at Qazzoo are happy to have been a part of so many lives this year. We wanted to say thank you to everyone that has made Qazzoo such a fun way to create and

We have seen it all by now, right? Wrong!

The advances that are taking place online are sometimes not seen as a one day occurrence. Shifts like Facebook come slower than that. They are small gradual changes that are brought to us from several different directions. Facebook wasn’t the

Newspapers and the wild west of the internet

Why has working Real Estate leads become more difficult while the internet is supposed to help connect people like never before? The internet today is not too different from the newspaper business in the muck racking era we learned about

Looking for Real Estate Leads in all the wrong places

I was recently on the phone with a client that had nothing nice to say about any real estate lead generation website. In full disclosure he was happy with Qazzoo but still needed to rant about the treatment and service