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Are online Real Estate Leads a scam? Part II

One reason internet real estate leads can be found to be less reliable than the old print media lead gen method is the very nature of the internet. It doesn’t matter what the platform the internet gives the public at

How to win a Lending Tree Lead

One of the most widely known Real Estate Lead sources in the country for the mortgage and real estate industry is Lending Tree. People who need a mortgage have trusted Lending Tree to protect them and thousands of borrower’s apply

Real Estate Leads – You can’t really sell anything to anyone

  REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALISM: YOU CAN’T REALLY SELL ANYTHING TO ANYONE – NOT REALLY! – – – If you think this is a ridiculous and wild statement, then you are definitely the person who stands to gain the most from

Top 6 Tips to turn a Click into a Client

From Click To Client: 6 Effective Methods To Turn A Click into a Client I can never do business with that guy. He called me back too fast. Have you ever thought that to yourself? I didn’t think so. The