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Winter Buyers are Real Buyers

When we get a lead for a home buyer in the middle of December we are virtually guaranteed that buyer is more motivated than at any other time of the year. The same holds true with the dead of winter

Working Around Holidays

Many real estate professionals take the holidays as vacation days for themselves. To Qazzoo that is like a the president of a retail store taking off during peak season or a head waiter taking off Friday or Saturday nights. This

The Secret of Selling More and Working Less Part II

In complete disclosure some of our Qazzoo user clients are using the system of providing their clients with to do lists and those clients don’t always get it done. That is the way of the world and we can fight

Qazzoo and Why Seasons Matter

Seasons are natures quarters and they remind us to take the pulse of what we have accomplished in the quarter or season that is either coming to an end or has ended. When the leaves start changing color we know

The Secret of Selling More and Working Less Part I

In the real estate business there are three key words, Location, Location, Location but Qazzoo believes there are other words that make us more productive and those words are Focus, Focus, Focus. So what do we focus on that makes

Buyers Are Searching for Agents Online More than Ever: 4 Ways to Make Sure They Find You

Not only are 90 percent of buyers searching online for their next home (NAR), but now according to a Google Consumer Survey, “two in three researched prospective agents extensively online prior to working with them.” These trends, coupled with the

Qazzoo and Buyers/Sellers

The best way to make a sale is to make contact with interested buyers and sellers. It sounds pretty simple but it can get pretty difficult to contact people without a method that actually works. There are buyers and sellers