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Qazzoo on Ways to Enjoy Working

After we have identified the things that we don’t like to do and have either partnered or hired someone to do those duties we need to focus on what we like to do and do it as well as possible.

What the Majors at Valhalla Means To Real Estate

The prices of real estate often depend on the value of the surrounding homes and communities. A four million dollar home in Kentucky can easily be a 40 million dollar home in other parts of the country. The same home

Selling real estate with added focus

We want to sell homes but we also want to have a quality life and that is the rub. Selling homes is an all-consuming proposition and the depth that we can become consumed is at times impossible to time manage.

New Challenges For Real Estate Agents

With new laws, the recovering housing market and the internet adding their influence on the industry, the role of a real estate agent is changing. With competition picking up it is more important than ever for real estate firms to

3 Easy Ways to Double Your Sales in 2014 – Part I

More Leads Than You Need If the human body can normally only absorb 3 milligrams of vitamin C why does the average Vitamin C capsules come in 5 milligram portions? The answer is simple. The cost of manufacturing a 5

Foreclosures Slowing…for the moment

The news that we heard every day for the last couple of years was focused on the sky rocketing number of homes being foreclosed. Now that the story has collected some dust the interest of the news organizations has moved