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How Real Estate Agents Can Effectively Manage Workloads While Working From Home

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, people are being asked to stay at home and avoid large gatherings. Real estate agents across the country are changing their approach to assist homebuyers and sellers from remote settings. If you are a

Millennial Homebuyers: What We Should Know

Did you know that Millennials make up the largest percentage of homebuyers in 2019? According to Realtor.com, Millennials accounted for a significant 45% of mortgages by the end of 2018. This has been a trend for the last few years.

45% of Buyers Use Open Houses as Key Part of Home Search

According to the 2013 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 45 percent of buyers used open houses as a key part of their home search. Facts from the NAR surveys to home buyers say almost half

Real Estate The Real Way

Wouldn’t it be better if selling homes was more like dating in a singles bar in the 1970’s? I wasn’t really around in the heady days of the singles scene when champagne,  cocaine and free sex flowed like water. But

What Are Today’s Buyers Looking For In A Home

The home buyer of today is a very different home buyer than we had just 5 to 10 years ago, here is what today’s homebuyers are looking for. Quality of the neighborhood Neighborhoods are important to people, which type of

How to use legacy leads

We get asked this question all the time…well…not really we just launched “legacy leads” the other day. But still, we do have some pretty good ideas of how they will be used by the most successful agents and loan officers.

Qazzoo reviews IDX feed winners and losers III

The Losers Listings Agents The General Public The real losers in the IDX debate are the listing agents that have worked hard on creating a book of business over the months or years. They have generated the reputation and cultivated

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns (about the economy) Part III

While signs of economic improvement are visible we are also faced with harsh reality of what the real estate market and the economic world has been like over the past six years. In previous articles regarding the economic situation and

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns (about the economy) Part II

As covered in a previous article there is a marked difference between the complaint and the concerns that we here from home buyers and home sellers in today’s economic landscape. The complaint is that the average household income has declined

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns (about the economy) Part I

As voiced by the thousands of home buyers that the social media and marketing teams at Qazzoo reach everyday there are several complaints that they constantly are approached with and concerns that are the underpinnings of the complaints. The complaints