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Timing is everything

On the subject of timing in regards to getting back to real estate leads as many times at it takes to close, I was reminded of a story that I wanted to share. As a young and restless entrepreneur I

Qazzoo Reviews Home Buyer Complaints Part I

The most common complaint from homebuyers when reviewing our internal bi-weekly surveys is that home buyers do not receive timely call backs from real estate agents and are left wondering. Slow follow-up can occur because of several different reasons all

Online Real Estate Leads 102

The second difference is that they are self-serving and therefore can tend to be less loyal. This is a matter of creating a relationship which is not that hard to do when we remember that real estate is a business of

Online Real Estate Leads 101

Online leads are like any other leads with a couple of differences that we thought were worth pointing out. First the difference between online leads and offline leads is that online users are generally more self service. This means that

2 Never Do’s

As a real estate agent I loved speaking to buyers that said that they had worked with agents before and they didn’t buy anything. I would ask them why and the answer was always one of two potential issues. The

Marketing with YouTube? Part II

YouTube…isn’t as hard to crack as Google but it’s still a challenge to see some positive results. A few weeks back I published a post about the efforts of marketing with YouTube, if you haven’t read it CLICK HERE to

2 Mistakes that Agents Make (A Lot)

Thinking that if the other guy loses…we win Many agents, we all know at least one, think that if the other agent caves in the negotiation process that the one who caved loses and that they win in the big

Selling Your Home Is Never Easy Even When It Is

Selling your home can be like giving away a pet. It just feels wrong and you wish you didn’t have to but the dog bit your kid so it has to go. In my case it was my house that

3 secrets of the most successful Real Estate pro’s Part III

Taking notes, setting schedules and appointments for ourselves. Smart phones are putting personal assistants out of work but they have the potential to make the user a great deal more organized. Taking notes is essential to keep a busy mind

3 secrets of the most successful Real Estate pro’s Part II

At the right time is as much about the client as the professional so we have to stay organized. Not OCD organized just organized to know what to do every day and what doesn’t need to be done. They say