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Who’s the boss?

It seems to be a subject coming up a lot lately, during the house buying or selling process just who is the boss? I have seen many real estate agents that attempt to tell their clients what to do because

Negative Communications and Good Leads

Real estate leads are often thought of in one of two ways. “Good” and “bad” The truth is far more complicated than that. When people describe themselves, have you ever heard someone say that they have a bad sense of

How to use legacy leads

We get asked this question all the time…well…not really we just launched “legacy leads” the other day. But still, we do have some pretty good ideas of how they will be used by the most successful agents and loan officers.

Qazzoo Legacy Leads

Legacy leads are new to Qazzoo and could be the beginning of something really cool. The idea that each lead can be selected a total of four times is not always the case on Qazzoo. The more likely scenario is

Qazzoo reviews IDX feed winners and losers III

The Losers Listings Agents The General Public The real losers in the IDX debate are the listing agents that have worked hard on creating a book of business over the months or years. They have generated the reputation and cultivated

Qazzoo Company Changing the Way We All Do Business

In order to create the largest community of home buyers and real estate professionals Qazzoo continually strives to provide the most comprehensive service to all parties. Real estate professionals that are not members of the Qazzoo community do not have

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns (about the economy) Part III

While signs of economic improvement are visible we are also faced with harsh reality of what the real estate market and the economic world has been like over the past six years. In previous articles regarding the economic situation and

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about finding the right real estate agent

This was one of the main drivers of creating Qazzoo from the very outset. How can a home buyer  determine who is the right agent for them? Will the agent they call want to work with them? Is the agent

Qazzoo Reviews Home Buyer Complaints Part I

The most common complaint from homebuyers when reviewing our internal bi-weekly surveys is that home buyers do not receive timely call backs from real estate agents and are left wondering. Slow follow-up can occur because of several different reasons all

How to find real homebuyers using Qazzoo Part VII

To find homebuyer leads in your area we suggest performing a search in the search bar above for your local area. Use a zip code, city or county and you will be surprised how many homebuyers are already looking for