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Bring Dead Leads Back To Life With These Marketing Tactics

As a busy real estate agent, it’s likely you don’t have time to sculpt the perfect email marketing strategy for each new lead, prospect and client you have in your database. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. A

How To Convert Cold Leads

No one knows exactly how much the real estate industry spends on lead generation as a whole. We do know that agents and brokers are spending over $100 million a year on marketing lead generation programs provided by the Zillow

The ABCs Of Lead Management

Most agents tell me that their most urgent business concern is the need for more leads. With all the incredible lead generation sources both online and offline, I simply don’t buy it. Our coaches are taught to lead each session

Help On The Fence Buyers Do The Rent VS Buy Math

We all know that the benefits of home ownership outweigh renting in the long run. But in many U.S. cities, that’s the case even with shorter time frames. And we can do a better job of helping people realize that.

Qazzoo Breaks All The Rules…And Loves It!

No more what? No more geographic restrictions? No more bogus leads? No more long-term contracts? No more leads shoved into our email box that we know nothing about? How can this be? These are long-standing rules regarding how we do

Real Estate Leads and The Lost City of Atlantis

People have been looking for the lost city of Atlantis for almost as much time as we have been looking for the best source of real estate leads. What we tend not to do is ask ourselves what we can

Turning a Lead into a Deal

First things first. We have to get the attention of the lead by offering them something. It is not too different from any other type of courtship. The original courtship was when a man would bring a woman a large

The Power of Personalization

We like to feel special and when someone makes us feel special we like them more than someone who didn’t make us feel special. Not special like a child needs to feel special but how a human likes to feel

How does RESPA apply to the purchasing of leads?

In short the rules that Congress put in place referred to as RESPA were designed to circumnavigate the thousands of small syndicates of real estate professionals that had conspired to bilk the home buyer out of as much money as

Negative Communications and Good Leads

Real estate leads are often thought of in one of two ways. “Good” and “bad” The truth is far more complicated than that. When people describe themselves, have you ever heard someone say that they have a bad sense of