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Qazzoo reviews California

If you read the number one state on our list, you may have already realized that we and our opinions without question untainted by outside forces. We have never been approached to change our list of the best states. Our

Qazzoo Reviews Hawaii

Okay so the donation wasn’t what it should have been considering that the state is among the highest in the country regarding tourist dollars flooding in. it appears that the representatives that we reached out to did not feel as

U.S. Waterfront Home Values Twice as High as Overall Home Values

Nationwide, the typical oceanfront or lakefront, single-family home is worth more than double the median value of all homes, and in some communities the median waterfront house could be worth ten or more times the median value of non-waterfront houses.

Will Google ever catch Facebook?

Never and they should stop trying. It’s a pretty simple ratio 750 million to ZERO. But the math just doesn’t seem to set in over at Google. How about playing with your own toys and leaving the other toys alone

Real Estate Leads are not always what they appear

Judging a book by its cover or whatever cliché you want to use about not seeing the truth behind something that appears to be something that it may not be applies to real estate leads more than most applications I

The Internet killed the Paper boy

I remember when I was a kid I used to be the paper boy in my neighborhood. Getting up at 5:00 to ride my bike around the hilly valley that was my neighborhood. With a large canvas bag that brandished