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3 Things Homebuyers Should Know About Purchasing a Foreclosure

There are several advantages of purchasing a foreclosure in 2019. Most notably, they present an opportunity to score an excellent deal on real estate. After searching, you may be surprised at how many forclosure properties there are in your desired

Finding the best real estate agent – Part VI

Finding the best real estate agent to work with when buying a foreclosure is one of those situations that requires an experienced hand to maximize the options that are available. Foreclosures are an interesting little sliver of the real estate market.

I Wish I Knew These Things Before Buying My First Home

1. I wish I hadn’t borrowed the full amount the bank was willing to lend Just because you’re approved for it doesn’t mean you should buy the most expensive house you can. As a general rule, it’s wise to take

Qazzoo Reviews Reno, Nevada

Qazzoo likes cities that are the little sister of the big and over hyped big sister. Reno gets overlooked by most people when Nevada comes up as Las Vegas has done a magnificent job of promoting itself. But for our

Real Estate Leads To Foreclosures For These Unlucky Celebrities

The idea that foreclosures are relegated to the lower income homes that reside in lower income neighborhoods is complete fiction. We wanted to point this out by exploring some situations that has happy home owners owning real estate and then

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about being under water on a current home

After paying market value for a home in 2007 it is very likely that what was market value is now 10 or even 50 percent below market value. This complaint is a common one in today’s real estate market. Most

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns (about the economy) Part II

As covered in a previous article there is a marked difference between the complaint and the concerns that we here from home buyers and home sellers in today’s economic landscape. The complaint is that the average household income has declined

Does the Gold Rule apply to Real Estate leads?

Yes Siree it does. Doing what is best for others is never the wrong thing to do but in real estate and with real estate leads it is essential to growing your business. The days of hit and run, drive-by

How to find homebuyers in a slow market? Part III

Using low tech, high return methods If you read the post here regarding how to find homebuyers you already know my opinion of the foreclosure market place and how it can dramatically increase your real estate leads. Sticking with the