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3 Customer Service Tips for Real Estate Agents

The best real estate agents know the importance of superior customer service. One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in one of the most competitive industries is to go above and beyond when assisting your clients.

Tips For Closing Out The Year On A High Note

Are you close to reaching your goals for the year? Whether you maintained your momentum throughout the year or you’re trying to catch up after a setback, you can still get on track to finish the year strong. While many

Qazzoo and When We Get What We Want

If we get to where we want to go faster and easier isn’t that better? That is what we thought at Qazzoo by removing the need to advertise and bringing the buyers and sellers to the business person. We thought

What Makes Us Nuts?

Some of the things that make us nuts are in no particular order: Bad Service People that don’t speak our language on the phone telling us how to fix our (fill in the blank) People that don’t use turn signals

Qazzoo Reviews Exporting Leads to an Existing CRM

While Qazzoo reviews the suggestion box we meet in a dimly lit conference room in the penthouse of our two-story building. There is a large sofa that we take turns sitting in while the others stand around in a circle.

Qazzoo Reviews the One Click to Claim

In the first version of Qazzoo there were several blocks that indicated that the profile of the consumer had been contacted by which ever number of blocks were colored gray. Blocks that were white indicated how many times the lead

How to find real homebuyers using Qazzoo Part XV

Why are the profiles presented in the order that they are? If you haven’t performed a search on Qazzoo yet, just add your zip code to the search bar above and hit the “Go” button. The results may surprise you

Looking for Real Estate Leads in all the wrong places

I was recently on the phone with a client that had nothing nice to say about any real estate lead generation website. In full disclosure he was happy with Qazzoo but still needed to rant about the treatment and service

Real Estate Leads – Don’t make them wait!

I realize Real Estate Leads and Restaurants are not all that similar, but this weekend I learned first hand that they really do have something in common. First impressions… How quickly and in what manner a customer is communicated with can