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Qazzoo and Getting What We Want

In the film “Five Easy Pieces” made famous by Jack Nicholson and his characters frustration with a system that was not working into what he believed life should be, there is a scene that makes all of us look at

Qazzoo and Getting more Buyers Approved

The issues that come up with qualifying new home buyers are the same that we face every day with refinances as we tackle issues of credit and income in order to get some of our clients over the hill and

Real Estate Leads and The Lost City of Atlantis

People have been looking for the lost city of Atlantis for almost as much time as we have been looking for the best source of real estate leads. What we tend not to do is ask ourselves what we can

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about being under water on a current home

After paying market value for a home in 2007 it is very likely that what was market value is now 10 or even 50 percent below market value. This complaint is a common one in today’s real estate market. Most

Are buyers liars or are we expecting too much from them?

As a real estate agent for over a decade and another dozen plus years of online real estate experience I can speak from my own experience and say “It’s a little bit of both” Buyers are people and people will