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The Exploding Short Term Rental Market

In real estate investing we have always been taught that the most expensive thing in investing is a vacant home. This makes so much sense. Even the restaurant industry has a similar mantra being “The most expensive thing in any restaurant

The Secret of Selling More and Working Less Part II

In complete disclosure some of our Qazzoo user clients are using the system of providing their clients with to do lists and those clients don’t always get it done. That is the way of the world and we can fight

Qazzoo Reveals How To Always Get Paid By a Tenant II

As property owners sometimes we rent out homes that we own. Or as an agent we may work as property manager for some or all of our clients. This can be as hard as we make it or it can

Qazzoo Reveals How To Always Get Paid By a Tenant I

The first thing to do is to recognize that if the relationship starts out rocky it will probably not turn around. At Qazzoo we don’t generally work with rentals but we do work with people who work with their own

3 secrets of the most successful Real Estate pro’s Part I

Being at the right place at the right time requires that we are first at the right place As real estate professionals we are always supposed to be there with whatever our real estate leads need. This gets harder all

Making Yourself Indispensable to Your Real Estate leads Part I

We so often think that houses sell or mortgages are agreed on by real estate leads which makes them into actual clients. This is the trap that we fall into way too often. People don’t buy houses, they buy homes;