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Dealing With Unrealistic Listing Prices

As a real estate expert, you offer a great deal of value to your clients. While you spend hours researching the top trends in their area, learning about the recent selling prices and creating the perfect marketing campaign, often your

The 5 C’s For Building A Successful Business

Small businesses have made a huge recovery since the economic crash in 2008 and that’s good news for all of us. Since we account for 63 percent of new jobs, our success puts people back to work. That, in turn,

Qazzoo and Becoming a Force of Nature

Every typhoon started as a small breeze over calm waters. What builds from a small wisp of wind into a force that can change the landscape is momentum and that momentum builds and creates more power and force than the

Selling Homes and Dentistry

The similarities are more significant than you might think? Dentists are in the business of not hurting people while they are doing what could be a painful proposition. The trick is to make the people feel good about what they