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Close More Deals

Looking to boost your lead generation efforts to increase business revenue? While more leads might help, 73 percent of real estate leads are not sales-ready when first generated. This means only 27 percent of your leads are immediately going to

5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Instagram

In real estate, agents focus on stories. Whether it’s the seller’s memories in their old home or the buyer’s hopeful dreams in their new one, agents use these emotions to connect with their clients. What better way for an agent

Full Service Foolishness

Once in band camp…no that is a different story. Moving from real estate lead to closed real estate transaction can require us to do a lot of things we wouldn’t ordinarily do. We are all caregivers but when we take

When we need leads we are too late!

When we need leads it is because we need business. We need business only when we don’t have any or not enough anyway. That is too late to start generating leads as it takes a lead 45 to 60 days

One Thing We Can Do To Close More Deals

The one thing we need to do is to follow up on every lead. Not just the ones that sounded like they were going to buy something tomorrow but the ones that may be buying something in the next several

Brain B. Reviews Qazzoo.com

Here is a wonderful note from one of our clients: I am a Realtor in Colorado and a happy Qazzoo  Customer! I have been with Qazzoo for a few months. From the get go Ryan Stevenson and  Bill Hann have been very helpful