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Using Social Media To Expand Your Client Base

Today’s buyer will search online at some point during the buying process. When they do, it’s crucial that your business and contact information show up at the top of the search results. Many people think that this can cost thousands

Why Doesn’t My Website Show Up On Google?

Your website is a very important part of your business. It’s often your primary online presence and can be a great source for leads. The more traffic that you are able to direct to your website, the more leads you

Making Digital Ads Work For You

It’s something we hear all the time from our clients and it’s  “Digital ads don’t work for me.” Our response is always “what do you want your ad to do?” And this often puzzles our clients. Because many real estate agents

Bring Dead Leads Back To Life With These Marketing Tactics

As a busy real estate agent, it’s likely you don’t have time to sculpt the perfect email marketing strategy for each new lead, prospect and client you have in your database. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. A

Qazzoo Building the Business of Business

The construction of a website is often the first step in building more business for real estate agents and loan officers. This first step seems like it should do the trick when it is being built, but the truth is

Social Media leads Real Estate into the abyss part IV

The Cool Kids As we covered in the last post regarding the continually changing world of business generation online we will be doing some experimentation into self-promotion and shameless plugs on social media in order to determine if we get

Social Media leads Real Estate into the abyss part III

Taking a risk and breaking out of the mold In the last post that you may or may not have read I took the crazy, bold and potentially self-destructive step toward obvious self- promotion and since then I have not

Social Media leads Real Estate into the abyss part II

Social Media Do’s and Dont’s Generating Real Estate leads has never been the intent of Real Estate website developers. This would require some degree of accountability and who wants that if you can avoid it? And they do. Selling us