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How To Use Social Media The RIGHT Way

Billboards and direct mail are a thing of the past, people’s attention is constantly shifting, they no longer take the time to look at those. Now the best way to get the eyes and ears of potential clients is by taking matters

Why Do We Work This Hard?

Real estate is no easy job. We work hard because we love what we do. If we didn’t love it we would find something new to do. Work is like a hobby that requires more focus and a little more

Qazzoo Reviews Home Buyers; Are They Liars After All?

When Qazzoo reviews buyers we see them not as liars any more than those of us who have ever told someone that we loved them, and then failed to marry them and live out our lives together with the person

Qazzoo Reviews – My Qazzoo Experience

We received this great review from another happy Qazzoo user! “I unlocked my first lead with Qazzoo just over 2 months ago and I have already closed on a home for that client. I also have listed one home so

Who’s the boss?

It seems to be a subject coming up a lot lately, during the house buying or selling process just who is the boss? I have seen many real estate agents that attempt to tell their clients what to do because

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about finding the right real estate agent

This was one of the main drivers of creating Qazzoo from the very outset. How can a home buyer  determine who is the right agent for them? Will the agent they call want to work with them? Is the agent