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How To Use Social Media The RIGHT Way

Billboards and direct mail are a thing of the past, people’s attention is constantly shifting, they no longer take the time to look at those. Now the best way to get the eyes and ears of potential clients is by taking matters

Qazzoo Complaints Regarding Social Media Part IV

Bob: “Hey John” John: “Yah?” Bob: “I got an idea…hold this gun and take a selfie and then post it on Facebook” John: “I would but I have an important job interview in the morning” Bob: “Don’t worry, take off your shirt so I can

When it Rains it Pours and We Need to Make it Rain All the Time

This weekend was the last weekend in June and it was a hot mess for those on the eastern seaboard. What the heck was all that rain about? And it is not ending any time soon. The forecast is for