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Qazzoo complaints about Social Media

Facebook is the best thing since Google hit the web with a thud that shook the earth and caused us to collectively scratch our heads and wonder why no one had been able to create a search engine that worked

4 Tips For Successful Facebook Business Pages

Unfortunately, social media’s only constant is that it’s always changing. Over the past few years, Facebook has made it harder and harder to drive business value from your business page. Many brokers and agents accurately wonder if it is even

Qazzoo on Partnering Up

The first thing we need to do is find what we don’t like to do and stop doing it. Or in the worst case scenario at least do less of what we don’t like. There are people who don’t like

The 5 C’s For Building A Successful Business

Small businesses have made a huge recovery since the economic crash in 2008 and that’s good news for all of us. Since we account for 63 percent of new jobs, our success puts people back to work. That, in turn,

Top 5 Ways To Grow Your Digital Brand

When you Google real estate in your local market, is your business at the top of the search results? With 92 percent of potential buyers house hunting online, boosting your online marketing efforts is crucial for building a successful business. Here, Marki

3 Unconventional Advertising Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

The best way to grow your business is with a consistent marketing strategy that includes both online and offline tactics. Just because you started blogging or using Facebook doesn’t mean you should forget about door knocking and walking your farm.

Friend a Client on Facebook

Do’s: Check your privacy settings each day…every hour as Facebook is now famous for several episodes of security settings being changed without the user knowing. Do we really want people we are trying to do business with seeing everything we

Qazzoo and Becoming a Force of Nature

Every typhoon started as a small breeze over calm waters. What builds from a small wisp of wind into a force that can change the landscape is momentum and that momentum builds and creates more power and force than the

When we need leads we are too late!

When we need leads it is because we need business. We need business only when we don’t have any or not enough anyway. That is too late to start generating leads as it takes a lead 45 to 60 days

How to turn a stranger into a friend instantly

When meeting someone for the first time the handshake is still the biggest impression that you can leave. That is the part that is so easy and yet so many times missing from the first meeting. It is an old and