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3 Social Media Slip-ups that Can Hinder Your Marketing Strategy

Real estate agents are becoming more reliant on social media as part of their marketing strategy every year. Social media channels can be excellent tools for an agent looking to connect with buyers and sellers. If you come to realize

3 Social Media Content Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

Social media can help grow your real estate business. After creating business profiles for your social media accounts, you need to create a posting strategy to maintain an active presence. The issue that many real estate businesses run into is

How to attract more homebuyers with blogging

  Writing blogs is a great way to generate organic real estate traffic to your website. Content is king when writing for a blog.  When writing a blog for homebuyer traffic it is important to think outside the box and

Managing your presence online

Make sure you have a professional and current photo. If your client can’t recognize you from the picture on your business card or website, it’s probably time to get those new headshots. It’s also best to save the selfies for

Why Blogging Is Important For Real Estate Professionals

You may be questioning whether you should be blogging as a part of your overall marketing plan. You may have heard that blogging will improve your overall SEO results, as well as drive increased visitor numbers to your website. However,

Qazzoo on Blogging

Sometimes we feel that blogging is just a rote task that we have to do in order to remain relevant, but blogging well is a science all to itself. There are a couple of things that can make a blog