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Favorite Pin Friday: Stereo Cooler

It’s Friday again and that means Favorite Pin Friday! Remember I’m always open for inspiration so if you see something that you think I would love send it to me on Pinterest or leave a link in the comment section!

Qazzoo and Social Media

With a presence on all the major social platforms Qazzoo generates a great deal of interest from both home buyers and sellers who are using social media and  who are happy that the services of connecting people who have complimentary

2 Ways to Never Have a No Show Again!

Summer sales and getting real estate leads to commit their time to you so that you can make their desires come to fruition are not easy. You need to have a plan to make sure that your time is most

One question that we should ask every real estate lead

“You wanna buy what?” As simple as it sounds we sometimes are caught up in what we want to sell instead of asking and listening to the single most important thing that home buyers want to actually answer. They will