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Finding the best real estate agent – Part II

Finding the best real estate agent could be based on their ability to negotiate. Negotiating is part of buying or selling a home. The self proclaimed “Tough Negotiators” can negotiate their clients out of the deal and no one wins.

Finding the best real estate agent

Finding the best real estate agent is no easy feat. The best real estate agent for you may not be the best real estate agent for your best friend. Every buyer or seller is different just as every real estate

What To Expect From The Fall Housing Market

Autumn is typically known as the time of year when housing activity starts to slow down. Generally, home sales tend to be very robust in spring and summer, then begin to soften somewhat during the autumn and winter months. The slowdown

I Wish I Knew These Things Before Buying My First Home

1. I wish I hadn’t borrowed the full amount the bank was willing to lend Just because you’re approved for it doesn’t mean you should buy the most expensive house you can. As a general rule, it’s wise to take

Help On The Fence Buyers Do The Rent VS Buy Math

We all know that the benefits of home ownership outweigh renting in the long run. But in many U.S. cities, that’s the case even with shorter time frames. And we can do a better job of helping people realize that.

The value of creating trust

Trust will get us through the times when faith in the process begins to wane. Trust is what bonds people together and allows us to speak truth to troubled times. The bank declines the loan. The house under appraises. The

Does the Gold Rule apply to Real Estate leads?

Yes Siree it does. Doing what is best for others is never the wrong thing to do but in real estate and with real estate leads it is essential to growing your business. The days of hit and run, drive-by

Are buyers liars or are we expecting too much from them?

As a real estate agent for over a decade and another dozen plus years of online real estate experience I can speak from my own experience and say “It’s a little bit of both” Buyers are people and people will