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Getting People to Listen

The best way to get someone to listen to us is to listen to them first. When we listen to what they have to say we are giving of ourselves and this is likely to be responded to with reciprocal listening. One

Qazzoo Reviews Home Buyers; Are They Liars After All?

When Qazzoo reviews buyers we see them not as liars any more than those of us who have ever told someone that we loved them, and then failed to marry them and live out our lives together with the person

Foreclosure, Strategic Default or Short Sale?

An ABC story reported in September announced that the foreclosure crisis was fading fast. This is indeed the case when compared to the height of the feverish pace that banks were foreclosing on their troubled assets in 2008 and 2009.

Qazzoo Complaints and Concerns about the increasing mortgage rates

As real estate markets improve the federal government wants to balance the scales so that the real estate market doesn’t spin out of control again. The complaint we hear most often about this increasing of the mortgage interest rate is