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Why Is Pay Per Click Terrible?

The trouble with Pay-Per-Click advertising is the same problem with most types of passive advertising; it lacks any type of real filtration and relies on the other guy doing something. This is why PPC is not much different from outbound marketing

Qazzoo reviews IDX feed winners and losers III

The Losers Listings Agents The General Public The real losers in the IDX debate are the listing agents that have worked hard on creating a book of business over the months or years. They have generated the reputation and cultivated

Qazzoo reviews IDX feed winners and losers II

The Winners Syndicators Buyer brokers New agents Aggregators The big winners of syndicating real estate listings are the syndication sites themselves. Secondarily, buyer agents and new agents also benefit from the lead generation aspect of the advertising they are able

I Must Do the Most Productive Thing at Every Given Moment

This has long been the mantra of the most productive people in real estate and in other industries. This mantra is an important thought to allow to run through a persons’ head. To keep the momentum of the day to

First Day of Summer

Well June 21st, 2013 has officially kicked off the start of Summer, and with that means all those people who were dragging their feet through the spring are going to be kicking it into gear to list, sell, and buy

How to find real homebuyers using Qazzoo Part IX

The incredible (there I go) benefits of using Qazzoo Qazzoo is like nothing before it; Instead of paying for leads or geographic advertising and getting whatever comes your way. Even worse is trying to run an advertising campaign on a

Google, Bing, Yahoo and the Future of Search

Bing has always been a wannabe Google but they seem to have taken some odd directions in their pursuit of the biggest dog on the block. They take negative swipes at Google announcing that their results are biased while they

Social Media leads Real Estate into the abyss part III

Taking a risk and breaking out of the mold In the last post that you may or may not have read I took the crazy, bold and potentially self-destructive step toward obvious self- promotion and since then I have not

Is Advertising a scam and have we just got used to it?

Raise your hand at a dog in the pound and see what it does. I bet it shrinks from the possibility of being hit and whines. Why does it do this? You haven’t hit it….hell you have no intention of

Social Media leads Real Estate into the abyss part I

How to find homebuyers  It wasn’t so long ago that Real Estate agents and brokers relied completely on their local print media to generate business. Either an agent was advertising looking for new homebuyers, advertising to sell a listing or a combination