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Summer time is time for Baseball, picnics and buying  homes. Real Estate leads always increase during the summer as people are more often looking to move before the next school year begins. This is always the case. During good economic times or bad, summer is the time to buy a home. More importantly in this case is the fact that this is the time to sell homes, list homes and create relationships. As professional real estate experts we are supposed to take time off only for our need to sleep and maybe eat during summer as its time to make hay when the sun is shining.  What do we do about balance and how do we please everyone in our immediate family and our real estate family at the same time?

My personal/professional experience tells me pound the work while it is there and squeeze the family stuff in when time allows. My fifth wife used to complain about that…I think?

4363-cool-summer-hd-1280x800Anyway it is not easy to keep someone happy and even more difficult to keep everyone happy. The answer seems to be communication. Tell your clients that you are out-of-town weeks before you go. Secret here (Don’t tell them that you are going on vacation unless they ask. And if they ask don’t tell them you are going on vacation to someplace that they see as decadent). By the same token don’t tell your family that you are going to go on vacation and not go. “I’m too busy” “My client needs me” or “This deal will fall apart without me” are all too often the words that come from our mouths as we adopt our clients as members of our extended family. Do not forsake the needs of your immediate family and make them suffer because a deal may be delayed. Yes our job is tough and yes we lose money every time we go on vacation. Where most people get paid a vacation salary we are income free for those times that we are not on the phone connecting with our clients but that is also why we are paid fairly well on each transaction. If we didn’t who in the world would put up with the highs and lows that come in the real estate industry?

So take a vacation and believe me the business will be there when you get back and no one is more valuable than your family. If you don’t believe me ask my fifth wife…what was her name???


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