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Granted Steve jobs did not do it alone. But he did the majority of the visionary’s job. That is to point to a distant place and say to the others “Let’s go there” with the confidence required to motivate them into action that is not always reflected in a paycheck. The feeling of accomplishment when ones work is recognized is sometimes worth as much as the monitory gain.

worldeyeImagine walking down the sidewalk and bumping into people who are using an iPhone and knowing that you designed the microphone that they are speaking into or helped develop the touch screen. You may never have worked at Apple or on the phone itself but you had a hand in creating the end product. No matter how small an impact that you had on the end product your work was recognized and you were hopefully compensated for it. There have been millions of inventors that have worked their entire lives and have never experienced that exalted feeling of accomplishment.

This is part of what Steve Jobs gave to thousands of inventors. To see their ideas, their solutions and their hard work being adopted by the masses. Most often these people go under appreciated and work for a cause but they are essential to the overall accomplishment. These inventors and researchers are no less important than the visionary but they will forsake the credit in order to be a part of the larger goal. They could not have done it on their own and they know it. It takes the visionary to get the idea into an understandable communication and no one was better than Steve Jobs at doing this part of the mission. That is according to Qazzoo anyway.


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