Q A Z Z O O . C O M


Why in the world would someone become a Real Estate Agent?

Are we masochist? Are we the people who might have reserved a spot on the rack during the Spanish Inquisition? Are we the people who think the “Gimp” in “Pulp Fiction” had a pretty good thing going?

I am sure everyone has their own answers to the above but I think the truth is more about the direction our lives take and our need for “individuality, and my belief in personal freedom” as Sailor Ripley said in “Wild at Heart” about his snake-skin jacket.

The path to get here is myriad and comes from directions that some people may not have thought of. We as Real Estate agents are independent thinkers and are self-motivated. The reasons for this streak of independence range from childhood issues with authority to post-graduate decisions that working for others is just not in our personality profile. There is nothing wrong with anything that gets us to plunge ourselves into the murky depths of Real Estate. The issue is that once we are here it is hard to get out of and equally hard to making a living at. Getting out requires that we acquiesce to convention and get that 9 to 5, dare I say it…J-O-B.  I spelled it so that my mind would not be forced to say it.

cave_house_living_roomMost of us in this industry have had jobs. Sometimes many different careers and yet we never felt quite comfortable or fulfilled until we found ourselves in the industry that touches so many people’s lives. The degree of job satisfaction that comes from having the ability to change someone’s life is immeasurable and completely addicting. Even if we don’t realize it at times. We have the power and responsibility to help people make the decision that will affect the community they raise their children in, the time it takes them each day to arrive at work and the time it takes to return to their family after the work day is over. We have the influence to help people make the largest single investment of their lives. These are only examples of what we are charged with as the list, like our influence, expands further than most of us would like to think of.

We are movers and shakers, without us there would be no housing market to recover. There would only be people living in the hollowed out trunks of trees and under rocky outcroppings. Dinosaurs would rule the earth and Fred Flintstone would be the noisy neighbor three caves down.

So here’s to us!

Here is to the people who have the courage to see the benefits of indoor plumbing beyond a whole in the back of the cave.

Here is to you! The Real Estate Professional that wakes up every day to change someone’s life for the better.


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