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Billboards and direct mail are a thing of the past, people’s attention is constantly shifting, they no longer take the time to look at those. Now the best way to get the eyes and ears of potential clients is by taking matters into your own hands through the use of social media.

Social Media Boxing

jabUsing social media to generate business is tough, many people come to Facebook to play Candy Crush, Bubble Witch, Pet Rescue or Farm Heroes, not to obtain a service or buy a product. We need to approach generating “leads” through social media as we would boxing, the jabbing is talking to these potential clients and building a relationship with them, this is a vital part of a successful social media campaign, after enough jabbing to send a right hook, which is the punch that takes them out, or in this case gets the customer to drop their guard to do business. These are what converts traffic into sales.

An important part of the jab is to make sure they are landing, meaning, make sure the content your providing is something of value, things like infographics, interviews, fun facts, and a Did You Know? are all excellent examples of jabbing on social media, and they can be more important than the right hook. Without the jab you have to set up to deliver the right hook, you will swing and the potential customer will duck and run. After successful jabbing you cannot be afraid to go and ask. Put the message out there that you are looking for business and are open to new clients and see who comes knocking.

Dark Posts

Ever heard of Dark Posts on Facebook? If Yes, excellent, If No, you have work to do, watch this Video and read This to learn more about Facebook Dark Posts.

Dark Posts are posts that do not appear on a timeline but they can be accessed by anyone with a direct link or by clicking through from an ad. These should be a real estate agents best friend and used extensively. These are a great way to create ad copy that appears as a sponsored piece of content.

Dark Posts give you the ability to reach anyone, so no more delivering content to just those on your feed. They can be used to target people looking to move or those that are coming into the area.

Getting the attention of the customer is vital, without it you have no chance, Dark Posts provide a great way to get your message in front of people.

Improving Reach

You should be spending at least two to three hours a day on Social Media Sites, Period. While this seems like a lot of time think about all the things you currently do during the day, often times there is something you could eliminate simply because you know it’s not working and fails to bring in results, or maybe you already do you just need to spend it better by following these strategies to improve you results. A key-note here is that anyone can do it, an intern, secretary or coworker.

It will take time to really see results, but in about three months you should start seeing them, handled correctly this could result in more business, all too often we could have taken better care of a customer before we even have them. Each social media site is different and they need to be utilized in the best way, which is nowhere near the same for each, and simply being there is not utilization…

social_media_screen_tabletIn general you can find luxury customers on Pinterest and Facebook, so setting up those pages to fit the needs of these types of clients is essential.

For Twitter, you should be using trending topics to ride out hashtags in real-time. The engagement levels of your tweets will be WAY higher! This is also a great way to get better visibility to the fact that you have an open house soon.

YouTube can be hard, too often people hire someone to make professional videos, this is a mistake, people already think real estate agents are slick and sometimes sneaky, so by providing a home-made video that adds authenticity will put them at ease and this will add value to the final product.

Final Thoughts

As always try things that are new, you never know when you will find that next gem. Through user feedback Qazzoo.com has been identified as one of these gems, but a few upcoming sites that could help find customers are Wanelo.com and Medium.com. Medium.com is used for telling a personal story that you share with others while Wanelo.com is used to purchase interesting items. You never know how you could creatively use these sites to your advantage, after all the only wasted opportunity is the one you didn’t take.


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