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Taking a risk and breaking out of the mold

In the last post that you may or may not have read I took the crazy, bold and potentially self-destructive step toward obvious self- promotion and since then I have not been burnt to a crisp or been eaten by a whale.

This series is dedicated to bust some of the myths that keep us as Real Estate professionals from being more productive. My call to action was “If you want to find out how to find homebuyer leads visit Qazzoo.com and find all the leads you want?” or “Call 800-230-9019 and find out how easy it can be to find all the leads you want whenever you want them on Qazzoo.com”

Either way the point is to test the falsehoods that we have been sold for years and to use our time as effectively as possible. We are told by the gurus of the newest social media platforms:

  1. We cannot promote ourselves.
  2. We cannot ask for business.
  3. We cannot do anything that would upset the norm.

The problem is the norm is killing the average, individual real estate professional. Yesterday’s website developers are today’s Social Media gurus. (Sort of sounds like when loan officers became loan modification specialists?) If their websites worked so well why have they switched to become Social Media gurus? The reason is simple. They live off of selling us “New” not “Effective” or “Efficient” there only product is “New”. They prey upon our desperation and ignorance and we wind up with less money and no new business…just like when they sold us our websites. There you have it. You as a Real Estate agent can do what you want with it. Buy into it or not. Pay for the newest, hottest black hole or not, it is up to you.

“But social media got Barrack Obama elected?”  Do you have a billion dollars to spend on a campaign?

“But Social Media is where the people are changing the world?” Do you need to overthrow a government?

Probably “No” to both?

It is not that social media is worthless, it is fantastic. It is just worthless to use it the way the self-proclaimed gurus tell/sell us to use it.

But if you have an overwhelming compulsion to use a tool that is a complete time sink and whose users are repelled by your attempt to monetize your efforts…..knock yourself out. Qazzoo has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog (duh) and of course a Google+ but Qazzoo is a company not an individual. If you are an individual, use these systems as they intended and have fun when you want on them. But don’t invest too much time trying to change the world on Facebook while you need to be selling homes. We will take the risk of self-promotion and asking for business in social media for you and take the heat and report on it.

Let’s see  what happens!


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