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Social Media Do’s and Dont’s

Generating Real Estate leads has never been the intent of Real Estate website developers. This would require some degree of accountability and who wants that if you can avoid it? And they do. Selling us a website and charging insanely high hosting fees were the only goals. So we were left in the dark as far as how to use the new medium much the same way we are left in the dark regarding the new medium of social media. Figuring out how to find Real Estate leads and generating new Real Estate leads has never been harder than it is right now. Can anyone make this easier? We believe that hanging your license with large Real Estate firms is one way as they will do the leg work to create traffic which then creates leads but then they take a substantial chunk out of your commission check. So that hurts in a different but still painful fashion.

We can always try to go it alone and face potential obscurity by using the tried and failed method of “word of mouth” campaigns. This myth never gets too old to hear one more time as we don’t know of one truly successful agent that is able to thrive on “word of mouth” alone. They may survive and blame their low incomes on the market but while they are doing all the complaining other agents are doing much more than surviving, they are expanding. It comes down to doing what works and not what keeps you working. I know that sounds anecdotal but keep reading and I will make it up to you!

Suggestions by social media gurus and how we feel about them:

Write a blog every day for 6 months and see how far that gets you?

Tweet something witty three times a day for 6 months and see how many deals fall in your lap.

Connect with 5,000 people on Facebook and wait for the Real Estate leads to come pouring in.

They won’t because these things don’t work.

They don’t work because any good marketing campaign needs a call to action. And calls to action are not what these platforms are designed to do. We should not be embarrassed by asking for business. Any platform that pushes this new concept of the “soft sell” is not going to get you any hard leads.

Don’t we all remember the “New Economy” and how the internet was going to kill retailing forever? That was in 1998 and I just watched two people kick the crap out of each other at Victoria Secrets on Black Friday. Yes there has been a shift but it’s more like a slow, prolonged shift that will take another couple of decades.

In order for any Real Estate lead generation program to work we need to have a compelling call to action connected to our message. We believe social media will get there once the novelty has worn off and people are no longer repulsed by the idea of people who are in business wanting to do business. But like ecommerce this could take some time, and we can’t afford to wait.

Try something like this:

Call 800-230-9019 or visit Qazzoo.com today and find how to find all the Real Estate leads as you want.

That was a simple call to action and if you haven’t called or visited Qazzoo yet you should.

(I just broke the cardinal rules of never self-promoting and never asking for business. Let’s see if I burst into flames or if the earth swallows me for being so impertinent?)


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