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social_media_iconsThanks to social media, you can help expand your network no matter where you are. It’s always best to post honest, fun and useful information that will engage readers and encourage them to share it with others. If all you’re trying to do is sell your listings or services, you are dead in the water.

Set up a Facebook Page

Fill it with interesting lifestyle content like information on upcoming area events, news about the local schools or businesses, or fun facts about the area. Don’t overwhelm viewers with lots of listings; try to educate and entertain. Post plenty of photos and pose questions whenever possible to engage readers and get them to connect and “Like” you.

Post Videos on YouTube

People love watching online videos especially if they’re informative and entertaining. Start your own YouTube Channel, but be sure not to put up boring content. Shoot short videos of your properties and the neighborhood that have some personality and will stand out and get people’s attention. It will make viewers more likely to engage and share them with others.

Start a Blog

Having a blog gives you another platform to reach out and share your knowledge and expertise about the area and what it has to offer. The more interesting, entertaining and engaging your blog is, the more followers you’ll eventually get, and the bigger your network can grow.

Don’t Stop Now

There are many other ways that social media can help you connect with potential clients and expand your network. You can also Tweet quick and compelling information on Twitter, post photos on flickr®, engage with consumers through questions and answers sites.

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