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Short term rentals are for a select land lords. Not everyone should be a short term landlord as the interactions with the potential lodgers are far more frequent than long term renters. Short term renters are looking for all or most of the comforts of home which are provided by the landlord. The short term renter is many times looking for an experience that makes them feel more like a local when they are in a new location for the period they are there. The people that gravitate toward short term rentals are made up of two basic categories:

tikiVacationers and business travelers. Both are seeking a home base to establish a home base in a city that is not their own. Vacationers are generally looking for an experience that a non-descript hotel cannot provide. They want to be among the locals and to feel that they can travel to whatever conveniences  which their home would normally provide. Vacationers are also, many times seeking that experience that can be provided by interesting homes or parts of an interesting home in a different local. This is why Yurt’s, upscale tents and tree houses are common on sites like Airbnb but not as common on the traditional rental market. A tent, no matter how grand is still a tent and the remote location that appeals to a vacation traveler will not generally appeal to an individual or group that are seeking a place to call home for a year.

A year in a tent may sound like a great escape but after a week or so there is going to be some hardships that will crop up for most people.

Zoning is also taken into consideration. Try passing a tent off to your local county officials as a long term rental and there is a great possibility that they are going to frown upon the landlord passing the lodgings off as safe and permanent construction. Indoor plumbing comes to mind as a deal breaker there. Among the thousands of other issues that make Glamping (glamour camping) interesting also make it nearly impossible to get approved by the local housing board.

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