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The similarities are more significant than you might think?

confidenceDentists are in the business of not hurting people while they are doing what could be a painful proposition. The trick is to make the people feel good about what they are doing while something is being done to them that is in most cases not very comfortable. Having someone stick their hand in your mouth with sharp instruments is really not fun. And neither is the idea of putting your hands in someone’s mouth with sharp instruments.

The same holds true when it comes to trying to convince someone who their home is not worth what they think it is or that they need to pay more for a home than they want. It is uncomfortable for everyone and everyone feels the pain…just a little.

The best thing to do is to lessen the pain with a little kindness and confidence. The confidence cannot be overstated as people need to feel that they are being handled by the most professional and responsible person they possibly can.

Kindness should come naturally to anyone in our profession so that is why we focused on confidence rather than kindness. Confidence is the most fleeting emotion in real estate. All it takes is one or two deals to go south on us and confidence is quickly eroded by the strongest of us. Just remember that without confidence our audience quickly shrinks. And sometimes we have to fake it…just for a little.

Don’t believe it…ask your dentist?


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