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For-Sale-WinterAs a real estate professional, you may find the market slows down in the winter. However, this doesn’t mean you should lose hope in selling that property before spring. Below are a handful of tips for selling during winter.

Stay seasonal. Make a festive impression on potential buyers with garlands or boughs, and containers of greenery, branches with winter berries and a colorful welcome mat on the front porch or doorstep. Stay away from religion-specific staging/decorations, but stacked fresh wood in the fireplace, candles and fluffy throw blankets can add warmth to a winter ambiance.

Know the local football schedules. In many markets, having an Open House during a “big game” is asking for a slow open house. Be flexible with timelines and open early or stay open late to avoid competing with a popular local game.

Use a drip campaign. The winter months are the best time to “set it and forget it” with email drip campaigns to your clients. This keeps you in contact with them while you are busy with parties, family and travel during the “down time.” Most CRMs, like Chime, have this type of drip system to keep your clients engaged.

When business is slower in the winter months, it is also good time to use a CRM to add to and manage your past customer database, giving yourself “calls to action” around client birthdays, home purchase anniversaries, etc., as well as checking in with clients who are owners and may be looking to downsize or upsize in the spring.

Stage a party. Winter is party time, so showcase the opportunities for entertaining in the home with an enticing display. Set out stacks of plates and fresh flowers on a dining room buffet or display holiday cookies on cake stands in the kitchen.

Light it right. Winter showings are often done after dark because of Daylight Savings, so make sure that you or the stager add extra lighting to the rooms so that the house feels warm, bright and inviting, not dark and cold.

Don’t get discouraged. The open houses and showings will be lighter and days on the market may be longer, but on the brighter side, there are less properties to compete against.

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