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Person Annoyed by Others TalkingTalking and selling are often confused. Talking is like the news as there is no end to it. Selling is like watching a good movie. There is a beginning, a middle and an end. This is just the breakdown of the conversation to a structured and focused outcome. “Hi, how are you? What do you like in a home? and lets write an offer” are like “How are you? what is your dog’s name? and do you like to sail?” but are not the same. We tend to forget this the closer we are to the people and getting close to people is important.

This is not always the real estate professionals fault. Buyers and sellers want to feel like they know the person that they are working with. They don’t want to feel like they are cog in someone else’s wheel. They want to feel listened to and valued. It is our job to listen to them and hear their needs and wants. Then it is incumbent on us to guide them through the process that they want to travel with as much ease and certainty as possible. This requires that we stay focused on the final outcome while maintaining the caring and helpful relationship that we promised from the beginning.

The conversation should flow more easily when there is a direction. Let that direction lead to homes and their desire for a new one and everyone wins.


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