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keepcalmIn the real estate business there are three key words, Location, Location, Location but Qazzoo believes there are other words that make us more productive and those words are Focus, Focus, Focus. So what do we focus on that makes selling easier and more productive, we focus on multiplying our efforts. In order to get more done in the same amount of time we need to multiply our efforts. Not by working more or working faster but by multiplying the efforts by multiplying the number of people who are helping us achieve the same goal. If we are real estate agents the best most accessible people to help us achieve a goal are the same people who are asking us for help in achieving their own goal.

The home buyers that we work with are a great resource if we ask them to pitch in a little on their end. This interactive approach to home searching is not completely new but it has become a standard for those agents that want to sell more homes by letting go of some of the controls that we used to have on the clients. In the days of yore (prior to Qazzoo) agents used to be the only source of information but the web has changed that and has made us a little less of a first information source and more of a research and source of guidance. Since every site has the information already we chose to provide the buyer a place to get their needs met rather than their desire to look at millions of homes that may or may not be on the market depending on the site and the data provided.

When the NAR allowed other sites to put our listings on them we gave up the control that we had had for decades. Qazzoo sees that the problem can also be the solution if we as real estate agents realize that homebuyers are getting this information and if we embrace that as a positive for ourselves and not a negative we can achieve some amazing results. Picture having 15 to 20 active buyers poking around the internet and providing us with the homes they are interested in. This is what many Qazzoo professionals do already.  They allow the homebuyers to do drive-by’s  and let the buyers eliminate many of the homes in their search without our having to leave our office or coordinate times and places to meet. It takes a little more follow-up and diligence but the rewards are worth the efforts many times over.

This idea is scary for many agents as they fear losing control of the buyer and having the buyer get scooped up by another agent. This is not the norm. The inevitable will happen of course but if we count the positive things and not just the negative things which allow us to multiply our efforts. We need to remain the buyers touchstone of deeper information and communicate to them that our real jobs begin once the home is selected and it is time to negotiate and get the home to the closing table with the least amount of stress possible.


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