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In complete disclosure some of our Qazzoo user clients are using the system of providing their clients with to do lists and those clients don’t always get it done. That is the way of the world and we can fight it or use it to our advantage by spending our time on what creates the most transactions and not worrying about what does not create transactions.

If someone is not willing to do a drive by what do we think the chances are that they are going to sign a contract. The assignment of a task is a powerful tool to be able to determine someone’s level of commitment. If on the other hand they appreciate that we are not trying to control all of their actions, when we want to control their actions we are taken more seriously. As an example when telling a client that they need to sign a contract or addendum we are now more persuasive as we have created a relationship that lets the client know that we are not trying to control everything and that when we articulate something now it is important to be done. This helps them stop waffling if they start to question their own decision. Some real estate pros have reported losing some deals as the client diverges from the instructions and the unspoken agreement that we made with them.

This is worth a bunch to both the self-service clients and to clients that are only partially self- service. Full service clients have to be handled completely differently and that can be determined early on in the relationship. It is just a matter of asking them how they would prefer to work and giving the option to the client. Most clients feel that being able to control their own time without obligation is better than the old way of showing homes.



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