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In my long career in Real Estate the best agents I ever knew were the ones that did one thing better than anyone else. What they did wasn’t hard, they were just consistent with it. They didn’t have to learn all of the nuances of psychology or get a Masters degree in communications. There was only one thing that set these agents apart from all of their colleagues. Perhaps they learned this from a mentor or taught it to themselves, but they knew it and used it every day.

Other agents in the office would cringe with jealousy and think that the object of their envy was doing something unscrupulous or had a rich uncle that sent them all of their business. But the cold hard facts were that the most productive and successful agents shared one minor trait that made them stand out among all of the other agents in their office.

The secret was only a secret if you didn’t watch them carefully and I believe that many of them were actually unaware of the fact that they were in fact using this incredibly powerful tool. I learned this secret when I was working in my first office and I was the new kid. Boy that was a long time ago. The secret was focus.

That is it. Focus.

While the other agents complained about troublesome clients or the football game this agent in my office stayed focused on generating more leads, calling the leads that he had, organizing them in different priorities. And following up regardless of whatever else was going on. If he said he would call a client at 2:00, he called at 2:00. Not 2:30 with an apology for being late.

I watched this guy for months and watched him destroy everyone else in the office each week and each month as he racked up sale after sale. It wasn’t hard for me to determine who I wanted to immolate. This guy was a machine, a singularly focused, laser guided, tactical sales weapon. His clients liked him, not because he brought gifts to the closing table but because he went through the closing sheet before they had a chance to look at it and cleared up any issues that may create unease.

He got so many referrals that at times he couldn’t take on any new clients. Yet he wasn’t Mr. Personality or Rico Suave Sales Guy. He just maintained focus on getting his job done every moment of the day and enjoyed the process of helping people.

The others in the office were not watching him. They were blinded by envy and because of this they all missed the secret that he practiced every day. I would bet that he didn’t even know that he wasn’t liked very much by the others in the office. Who in their hearts wanted to enjoy his success but they couldn’t figure it out.


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