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seo-for-smbThe words or letters or acronym or whatever, make me shiver. The amount of black magic and bullshit that is out there is staggering. SEO is the single most oversold, under qualified, unimaginable load of crap that you will ever be pitched. The companies that do this well are internet companies and are very rarely if ever offline companies that try to use the internet to drive more traffic to their individual site. The online companies that tell you they can do the magic for you are in the business of one thing. Keep you paying them while they tell you that you need to be patient. It’s true that you need to be patient but in the interim they bilk your bank account and drag the process out as far as they can in order to keep you paying them as long as possible.

If I knew a company that was legit and could do what they promised small business people I would let you know but unfortunately after over a decade online I have had little to know positive experiences with this deep dark, black hole of cash. Better to buy a boat, at least boating is fun. I guess the patience it takes is just beyond the ability of most people to stick with it. Whatever the reason I can only say buyer beware.  Like a diet, if you start you have to stay in for the long haul. You will not see any appreciable improvement for 6 months to a year. And while you are doing your best, remember that there are lots of other people doing their best at the same time.

Then to make it a little less fun, Google changes their super- duper secret algorithms every so often and all the work you have done goes down the toilet. I have seen drops of up to 50% in traffic for no reason other than the big boys think we figured out their system…so they change it.

There are some new tools out there that can be helpful, some provided by Google and others that are third party players. I don’t want to endorse any of them for fear of someone thinking that I have a stake in the game. I don’t. Just know what you are walking into and be armed with as much up to date  information as you can get your hands on.

I will say this is one reason that we created Qazzoo. Instead of fighting with search engines and spending the greater part of your life trying to defeat the best in the business at their own game Qazzoo provides the results of what you are looking for in the first place. That is to say consumers of your products or services.


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